Tips for walking 10,000 steps

A walk of 10,000 steps seem like a difficult activity. Actually it is not as difficult as and can help improve your health. Here are tips for a successful run of 10,000 steps: –

1. Make sure you are not rushed arms swing too high, his head bowed down, and bear heavy loads during walking activities.
2. Get 10,000 steps while in office by using the stairs, park far away from the office entrance and limit phone use while communicating with a work mate.
3. Get 10.000 steps when at home by way reduce the use of remote control for TV, radio and fans. Maximize the use of stairs if staying in the apartment, playing with children, traveling with family or neighbors in the park.

Physical activity walking 10.000 steps away is the most simple, inexpensive and safe. Run for 10.000 steps per day is equivalent to swimming for 90 minutes without stopping or cycling for 70 minutes or play soccer for 90 minutes.
So what’s the hurry, do walking activities for your health.

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