Do I need a heart scan?

A heart scan can be used to check for calcium in the lining of the heart’s arteries – an early sign of heart disease. Typically, the test is most useful in men between 50 to 60 years of age and women 60 to 70, who may have a moderate risk for heart disease or whose heart disease risk is unclear. Heart disease happens when arteries in the heart become narrowed

6 Ways Your Body asks for Help

Regret is an awful feeling. You may hear it often in hospital corridors. When patients—or their families—mention tell tale signs they ignored. Often these intensify into huge health challenges. Sometimes it’s too late to regain any health at all. We all know hindsight has 20/20 vision. But what if we can look ahead with less blurry eyesight? You’ll be surprized how much you can tell about your body’s overall condition

'Alternative cancer therapies' may increase your risk of death

“Cancer patients who use alternative medicine more than twice as likely to die,” is the stark message from The Independent. Researchers found that people who chose alternative medicine instead of conventional cancer treatments were much less likely to survive for at least five years. Conventional treatments included surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy or hormone treatments. The research only applies to people who choose not to have conventional treatments. Overall, 78% of people

Starting Late to Exercise

Age should never be a hindrance to doing most things and starting exercise later in life actually makes you keep going longer. You don’t have to be “over the hill” after 40 or 50. There is some evidence that shows a relatively healthy person embarking on his journey to fitness at an older age does not succumb much to wear and tear like his younger counterparts. It makes sense because

How to choose the right type of juice for your lifestyle

You will have noticed that many juice stalls have popped up around town, all claiming to be the best fresh-pressed juice you can find. The trend has had some claiming that consuming cold-pressed fresh juices can help you lose weight, boost immunity, prevent cancer and cleanse your system. Whether the claims are true, this might have inspired you to look at buying a juicer.   While it remains to be

Snail cream is the new ingredient for your skin cream

A new ingredient that’s making its way into high-end skin care products is full of beneficial compounds that moisturize, reduce inflammation and minimize acne scars. But you’ll need to keep an open mind if you want the benefits. Helix aspersa muller glycoconjugates is the technical name for the slimy mucus secreted by snails to protect their undersides from cuts, bacteria and sun damage. This protective goo that snails produce is