Second H5N1 death in Indonesia

Another story about H5N1 :- Image Hosting After Vietnam and Cambodia infect with H5N1, Indonesia 23 and 5 years old girl had died of the H5N1 infection. The 5 year old become a victim and died on Jan 16 and her sister died earlier this year. Both of them were found to be in contact with infected pigeons. Indonesian Health Ministry revealed that the girl is positive for bird flu

Vietnam and Cambodia infect with H5N1 virus

Image Hosting Vietnam and Cambodia has found the H5N1 death human from this bird flu. This new cases of H5N1 appear to be linked to contact with poultry. In Vietnam, the 18 year old man died of the disease after being hospitalized a day earlier. The man was working at a duck farm when he fell sick with a high fever and problem to breath. His family has been checked

Who Gets Migraine Risk?

Migraine is a chronic disease of the head. Migraine victims are often not able to carry out their daily duties, but some can not eat, drink and only spend time in the bedroom. About 12 percent of adults in this country suffer from migraines and most of the victims are women who have menstruation. When suffering from migraine, patients usually experience a severe headache. The exact causes of this disease

Using multisensory teaching methods for dyslexia person

There’s a studies from National Institutes of Child Health and Human Development that using multisensory teaching method is effective way for dyslexia children. The approach will help the children to learn through more than one of the senses. The multisensory method known as VAK Modalities and it is acronym from Visual, AUditory and Kinesthetic. It means visual , hearing, self tact and the tactile method to use for teaching the

Tips of using contact lenses

hosting images There’s study from America NPR that only 2 percent of contact lens user follow all the rules and 80 percent think that they follow the good practice. The result was published in the December issue of the journal Optometry and Vision Science. In the study 72 percent of contact lens think they have experienced discomfort from their lenses and 47 percent having had an infection from their lenses.

New year resolutions without stress?

The 2012 had arrived. The new year do not complete without a new resolution. During this time, many are evaluating the performance of the old resolutions. Of course then you would have thought a new determination. When reading a magazine recently, it was surprising when an article says the new year resolutions can cause stress. According to the article, there is a study of this issue in the United Kingdom