Good practices in handling food

Hygiene in food handling is important for health. Unhygienic food can contain harmful substances that can cause food poisoning, cholera, typhoid, jaundice and other diseases. The following are good practices in handling food for health: – – Wear apron and head covering that is clean and suitable when handling food. – Do not smoke while preparing food. – Food can not be placed or made available on the floor. Use

Fewer Young Women Complete HPV Vaccine

What is HPV Vaccine? It is an acronym of human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine. The vaccine prevents infection with certain species of human papillomavirus associated with the development of genital warts, cervical cancer and some less common cancers. There’s 2 HPV vaccones currently on the market are Cervarix and Gardasil. It is highly effective in preventing cervical cancer. From the studies in the United States found that percentage of young

Researchers tinker with bird flu : Are enough safeguard in the place ?

There’s a new study on Asian bird flu that have prompted debate whether there’s enough safeguard in place. A study involving a genetically modified flu virus has put a spotlight on calls for tighter international oversight of biomedical research whose bugs pose a high risk of global disease outbreak if released accidentally. It is one studies that being debate how to censore research results to avoid publishing details that could

YourHealthblog get Page Rank 2

Hello to all my lovely readers. Today, I don’t have any idea to write or ‘copy paste’ article about health. I’m also not in good condition. Today, I’m very tired after get job to clean some dirty house. It is a job that must be done in short time. It is hard but it makes me sweat more and it is good for my body. I just opened (5

Avery Lyn Canahuati passed away

Do you remembered about Avery? I’ve written about her in my previous entry. A babies that being diagnosis to spinal muscular atrophy. Sadly, her life is not long. After 5 months, she passed away. It is sad days for Avery fan that have faith to her. Just read about her entry (maybe it is last diary of her) :- Hope, her story will give inspiring to other’s parent. Image

9 Food to Help Sleep

Have a problem to sleep? Maybe some of you have this problem. Eating can solve your problem but not all meals. This is 9 food that help you to get better sleep. 1. Chickpeas – Chickpeas boast vitamin B6 that needed to make melatonin ( a sleep-inducing hormone triggered by darkness). 2. Fortified Cereals – Fortified cereals boast vitamin B6 which is needed to make melatonin .. Same like above..