Graphical look at U.S Obesity

Obesity: A Big Fat Problem For America’s Future. This is graphical look at U.S obesity. Image Hosting I think it is not big different from my country.. The obesity is still a big problem.

Vaccines for U.S. children may not be properly stored: study

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Free vaccines meant for children as part of a U.S. government program may have been stored at the wrong temperature, which could make them less effective, according to a report released on Wednesday. The report also found that both expired and unexpired vaccines had been stored together in some doctors’ offices and clinics, which could potentially lead to mistakes in giving the wrong version, the Office of

Sheryl Crow has been diagnosed with a benign brain tumor

One of my favorite singer, Sheryl Crow has been diagnosed with a benign brain tumor. The country pop composer and singer survived breast cancer diagnosed in 2006 found that there’s a tumor after she had a brain scan in November after she was concerned about memory loss. image host “I worried about my memory so much that I went and got an MRI (scan). And I found out I have

Sleep Like A Baby

Hi, in my previous entry I’ve wrote that I just buy a Health and Beauty Magazine and promise to write some of article in that magazine. In this entry I just share how to get a quality sleep like a baby. Image Hosting Sleep Like A Baby Pregnancy is often a very delicate time in a woman’s life when she has to battle hormonal roller coasters and feelings of constant

Youngest person to get MD from University of Chicago

Only 21 years old and this man earn an M.D at the University of Chicago. Before read the news, do you really know what M.D means? Okay, MD is the acronym Doctor of Medicine that meaning ‘Teacher of Medicine’. It is a doctoral degree for physicians granted by medical schools. It is a professional doctorate/first professional degreee in some countries. The doctor must obtaining from 90-120 credit hours of university

Health & Beauty Magazine

Hello.. I just found a magazine title ‘ Health and Beauty’ June 2012 edition. This is my first time buying this magazine and found many information on health. Maybe some of you never heard about this because it is published in my country. Dunno if it has published in your country. This is the cover for magazine.. Okay, I want to read the magazine now.