How Your Shoes Affect Your Health (Infographic)

We are always looking for ways to improve our health. We all know that the best way of improving our lifestyle is by making small changes to our daily routines and for many that may mean changing diet or exercising more. However, one thing you may have overlooked is your clothing – and more specifically, your shoes. We have a tendency to overlook our feet when it comes to health

Weight Loss Tips from Celebrities Who Have Lost More Than 30 Pounds

Losing five or 10 pounds doesn’t seem too hard, but when you’re aiming for a 30, 40 or even greater, weight loss can get challenging. You may argue that celebrities have all the resources at their fingertips—and that’s certainly true—but they still have to put in the work to lose weight the same as you. So why not borrow their star-powered suggestions and incorporated them into your own routine? Follow

How to get rid of unwanted stomach fat

If you have decided to get rid of the excess fat on your belly, be prepared for a period of discipline. You need to have determination, but it will work if you follow these steps: 1. The diet Pay attention to carbohydrates – bread and pasta should be avoided, as they can cause an insulin rise followed by a sudden crash of energy. Instead, turn to legumes, whole grains, fruits

Dental Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

The morning brew of coffee can be an imperative for most of us but many of us are also unaware of the ill-effects that this can generate on our health! It is for this reason that green tea has become such a recommended drink by most of the dieticians and medical professionals, these days. It has been proved through research that great oral health can be your cup of tea. 


Weddings happen to be one of the most significant milestones in anyone’s life. This one sets a new path of life and almost everything changes for two people and their families at the pace of light after this. Under such circumstances, couples are placed under tremendous pressure for planning the perfect day and be the perfect host to everyone. The term “wedding” signifies frivolity and fun and it is considered

Busted: 7 myths about surrogacy and IVF in the USA

Infertility is something that one in eight women in the USA struggle with. It’s a very personal and difficult situation, one that doesn’t get talked about often. Dispelling myths about IVF and Surrogacy in the United States is so important. Not only for the intended parents and potential surrogate, but also for society in general. Shaming surrogacy and IVF is no different than shaming disability. What I’ve found is that families