Infographic: Bad Practices You Thought Were Good for You

In todays social media world, weird trends to help with our health and appearance can seem commonplace. From the baby foot trend and acid peels to an obsession with avocados and quinoa. But in the past, health and fitness fads had far more dramatic consequences. Even after the age of enlightenment when approaches to health and medicine became more scientific, the doctors of previous eras often got things very, very

What are the Side Effects of Laser Resurfacing?

Before knowing the side effects of laser resurfacing, it is important to understand what the procedure is all about. Laser resurfacing, also known as lasabrasion, is a treatment done to correct skin flaws, including wrinkles, blemishes, and acne scars, by use of a laser. The procedure involves the removal of skin layers by directing concentrated pulsating light to the skin. Laser resurfacing can either be ablative or nonablative. While ablative

Pets improve your mental health, new study suggests

It is estimated that there are 10 million cats and 11.5 million dogs kept as pets in the UK – and new research suggests they could be improving the mental health of their human companions. A new study, published in BMC Psychiatry, conducted by researchers from the universities of Liverpool, Manchester and Southampton, is the first systematic review of the evidence related to the comprehensive role of companion animals and

Infographic : How Technology Is Helping Health And Wellness Providers Promote Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Apps and wearable technology are the next big thing in the healthcare industry. People are never without some sort of device on their person. So why not use that to the advantage of patients and medical professionals? Now more than ever, people can easily monitor their health and make the changes they need to lead a life of wellness. See how in the infographic below created by Arizona State University’s

Infographic : Life gets better when you stop smoking

No Smoking Day is quickly approaching, and with it comes the urge to give up for many smokers. It’s the perfect time to do so – but it’s easier said that done. Thankfully, Direct Line have published this handy infographic and resource detailing the multiple benefits of quitting smoking – from saving money to helping your health, both in the short and long term, you may be surprised to realise

The Most Popular Fitness Trends in All 50 States

What fitness crazes are sweeping your state? Check out this list of the most popular fitness trends by state to see if you’re one of the majority. Americans are pretty passionate about staying fit, but trends take their time working their way across the country. Whether we’re sweating through a one-hour Orangetheory workout, learning Israeli hand-to-hand combat by way of Krav Maga or pedaling away hundreds of calories at SoulCycle,